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The Highest Salaries in IT
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The Highest Salaries in IT

It is not a secret that salaries in the field of information technologies are generally higher than in other fields. Although salaries vary from one country to another, from one state to the next, jobs in IT are known to be one of the highest paid. So here are top 3 professions for those who have learned most popular programming languages with salaries.

1. Chief Information Officer

CIOs represent the highest position you can pursue in information technologies and for this reason, they have the highest paying job in the field. It does not matter if a CIO works in a small or large company: in comparison to the other positions, the salary of such professional will be the highest. What is more, the job does not involve a lot of tasks: the main purpose of the CIO specialist is continuing upheld the company’s vision. In other words, such professionals deal with things standing behind the coding and development. There are no certain requirements for the position, except for experience. An average salary of CIO is up to $219,000 a year.

2. Chief Security Officer

Such IT position has something in common with the chief information officer but instead of ensuring that the company’s vision is upheld, chief security officers have to ensure the company’s safety and security. This includes working with intellectual property and protecting it, as well as performing audits and working to reduce risks. The same to the CIO position, it is an experience that can be seen as the way to get such a position. An average salary of such professional is up to $195, 000 a year.

3. IT Security Manager

Work responsibilities of IT security managers are associated with computer usage and etiquette and improvements to the company’s security. In other words, these are exactly those professionals who stand behind the security structure of a company. Candidates for the position are required to have a degree in IT or Computer Science, as well as enough of working experience. An average salary of such professional is up to $125,000 a year.

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