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Proxy To Help You
Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

Proxy To Help You

UK Proxys are a software and hardware complexes that route all traffic through themselves and make IP substitution. The proxy receives a signal from the device, changes it to another address and transmits it further to the global network. Many people need a proxy, especially marketers, SEO specialists, data arbitrage specialists, and of course everyone who studies these specialties. Beginners can always use proxy testversion.

Who uses a proxy?

Marketers use them to reach a larger audience when promoting products or services. For example, a marketer has several accounts in a popular social network that he plans to promote. To ensure regular posting, responses to comments and other activity, it is necessary to connect the pages to third-party services. For these purposes, you will need proxies that will protect your account and reduce the risk of being banned.

SEO specialists use proxies when parsing, collecting semantic kernel and working with large amounts of data. In this case, the use of addresses is mandatory. The more you want to parse, the more proxies you need. By using multiple addresses you will reduce the percentage of suspicion towards you from the search engine.

Arbitrageurs who need proxies to work with different traffic sources. In traffic arbitration, proxies are used for such purposes:

  • Farm accounts and launch campaigns from a multiaccount. Proxies in this case help to circumvent restrictions and extend the life of the created pages.
  • Fake engagement. In order to increase views, likes and subscribers, it is necessary to bypass the algorithms of the platforms.
  • Registration of multiple accounts. The system will not suspect you of intentional fake engagement if proxies are connected to the accounts.
  • Software developers use proxy, when it is necessary to promote and launch their own programs. They help to bypass checks from source servers.

Now you have information about one of the valuable tools for working in the IT field. Study and use it further.