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Information Technology vs Web Development
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Information Technology vs Web Development

It is not rare when a technical person who works for some not-completely Web-oriented company is automatically labeled as someone responsible for IT services. However, when it comes to Web-oriented companies such as Bedrock IT, there are often cases when Web Developer are misunderstood to be IT Administrators, or vice-versa.

Although there is some confusion, Information Technology and Web Development are actually can be seen as completely different parts of computer science world. To see and to understand the difference between them, let us look into clear definitions of both terms.

Information Technology (IT)

In the Web industry, IT is associated with storage, transfer, manipulation, and reception of data through computer networks. In other words, IT corresponds its name: it is the technology associated with standardization and coordination in some particular company or organization. When it comes to information, the second word in its name, it is associated with data used by this company/organization and its members.

Data is represented by anything, whether these are text files written in MS Word or presentations created with the help of MS PowerPoint. In other words, information is associated with any computerized data that can be stored and transferred by the members of company/organization. What is more, IT is also associated with the management of computer networks.

Web Development

When it comes to the Web Development, it is particularly associated with the creation and development of websites. Web developers are those people who stand behind the coding of websites. Any plain text page or social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook are created with the help of Web Developers.

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