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Become a Web Developer without CS Degree
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Become a Web Developer without CS Degree

Web developer is a demanding profession since most of the businesses are shifting to the internet world. In this blog, I will explain you how to learn web development in simple means. You do not have to get computer science degree to master the web development technique.

Study CSS and HTML

Hyper Text Markup Language is not a real programming or coding language. It is an easy language that helps the website to remain on the internet. It is simple to understand and learn HTML language. If you already know about this, then it is an advantage for you to develop your own website. I wish to give you one suggestion, just download Notepad++ where you can write and edit this simple programming language. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) helps in design and layout of a website. It is essential to get thorough with CSS properties along with HTML to start great in your web development career.

Study any one or two programming language

There are several programming languages available, and you can choose to study PHP or database language like MySQL to help in web development. These languages are easy to learn and recommended for starters. You can easily download, install the setup and learn the instructions to master a database language.

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